I had nothing but nightmares last night. That was the worst night of sleep I've ever had.

Back to Prison Break. Wonder if there are any shows like this still airing that I'd actually like.

Vanilla Chai
Vanilla Chai from Dunks is yummy.

Trying to catch  up on Prison Break. I started to watch the last season, but I never finished it. Thank good for netflix! Haha. I also threw a Prison Break movie on the queue, . I believe that says that it's the last two episodes of season 4. -shrug.- I'm on episode 2.

Neopets, unfortunately.
Since I recently quit my job, I've had a bit more time on my hands. Well, I guess I've decided to use some of this free time to get addicted to neopets.. again.

I've joined a guild for older neopians (18+). I'm losing interest in neopets, though. It  never lasts long. I'm bored of WoW, too! Ugh. Oh, well :P

I just wanted to get a non-private entry on here, since I tend to make most of my posts private :P

I need to book another road lesson. I can't wait to have my license. :)


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